JKBOSE issues Important Guidelines for Upcoming Annual Examinations

As the annual examinations conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) approach, it becomes imperative for all students to be aware of the guidelines set forth by the board to ensure fair and smooth conduct of the exams. These guidelines are not only crucial for maintaining the integrity of the examination process but also for preventing any unfair means that may jeopardize the credibility of the results. Let’s delve into the key instructions provided by JKBOSE for the upcoming annual examinations:

1. Proper Identification:

  • Students are required to write their Roll Number in the designated boxes on the right-hand side of the title page of the answer book. This helps in maintaining anonymity during evaluation.

2. Use of Blue Ink Only:

  • It is mandatory to use blue color ink or ball pen for writing answers. The use of green, red, black, or any other colored ink is strictly prohibited.

3. Avoiding Identity Disclosure:

  • Writing any personal identification such as name, school/college name, or any other marks in the answer book is considered unfair means and can lead to severe consequences.

4. Cross All Blank Sheets:

  • Students must cross all blank sheets or blank portions of a sheet in their answer book. Leaving any blank sheet or portion may be considered as an attempt to gain unfair advantage.

5. Prohibition of Unfair Means:

  • Engaging in any form of unfair means or misconduct during the examination will result in strict punishment as per the rules of the board.

6. Use of Calculators:

  • While multi-functional devices are not allowed in the examination hall, simple calculators are permitted for calculations.

Additional Instructions for Examinees:

7. Reporting Discrepancies:

  • If the answer book contains more or fewer pages than the prescribed number (28 pages including the title and back page), it should be immediately reported to the center Superintendent.

8. Consequences of Unfair Means:

  • Using any unfair means in the examination is considered a serious offense and can lead to disqualification for up to five years. Various actions such as possessing unauthorized materials, tearing pages, or using high-tech gadgets are strictly prohibited.

9. Frisking and Vigilance:

  • All examinees may be subjected to frisking by authorized personnel during the examination to ensure compliance with the rules. This includes Superintendents, Invigilators, Inspectors, and members of the Vigilance Squad of JKBOSE.

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