Type Test Scheduled for Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars of J&K Secretariat

The General Administration Department of Jammu and Kashmir has announced the initiation of type tests for Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars serving in the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service. This measure aims to address upcoming vacancies of Junior Assistants under the 25% promotion quota, in accordance with the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service Recruitment Rules.

Eligible Matriculate Orderlies/Jamadars of the J&K Secretariat (Subordinate) Service who wish to participate in the type test are required to submit their bio-data within a period of 7 days. The bio-data should be submitted either in person or via email to, adhering to the prescribed proforma/format. The necessary details include the official’s name, designation, place of posting, and a recent passport-size photograph.

This initiative, sanctioned by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, underscores the commitment to ensuring transparent and efficient staffing procedures within the Secretariat. The conduct of these type tests is expected to facilitate the seamless transition and promotion of deserving candidates, further enhancing the operational capacity of the administrative apparatus.

Zehr Un Nisa

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